Star stunned by ‘reverse undertaker’ choke


Grappling star knocked out by reverse undertakerSource:Twitter

A Fight To Win grappling star has produced one of the craziest finishes of 2018 when he choked out his opponent lying on his back.

The grappling event produced a series of devastating stoppages, but none were anywhere near as crazy as the one Josh Cisneros executed to beat Bryan Lopez in their 145-pound purple belt undercard match.

The match was well down on the undercard of the Fresno, California, event headlined by Cleber Luciano and Angel Lopez’s black belt title match — but it is stealing all the headlines.

Cisneros finished Lopez with a devastating leg choke which forced Lopez to pass out when he refused to tap out while enjoying a dominant position on the mat.

After passing out, Lopez was filmed collapsing backwards onto the mat, hitting the back of his head on the floor as he crashed to the floor.

The brutal method of TKO left MMA fans scrambling for the correct label for the brutal calf muscle lock, which clearly stopped the flow of blood and oxygen to Lopez’s head.

Fight fans on social media coined the submission the “Reverse Undertaker” and the “Teepee”.

It was the seventh straight submission victory on the F2W 96 undercard.

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